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no no hair removal reviewsYou know what I hate?  Weak, misleading product "reviews" that were clearly written by somebody who only read a description of the product.  I ran into this problem when I was looking for a good No No Hair Removal review.

Now, the No No isn't a laser hair removal device like other products reviewed on this site, but there's been a lot of buzz about it lately.  It's considered one of the best, and possibly the only real comparable alternative to the home laser treatments available today.  Some people are attracted to its price point, while others choose the No No Hair Removal because the lasers are incompatible with their skin type.

Unfortunately, lasers currently don't work for every skin type.  Simply put, very dark skin absorbs a dangerous amount of light, making it unsafe for some people.  The No No WORKS FOR EVERYONE because even though the technology inside is very, very similar to the home laser gizmos, it actually uses heat instead of light to work its magic.  It doesn't provide a permanent solution like the lasers, but it comes closer to permanent than anything else I have ever tried.

Let's get into the meat of what the No No is, what it does and just how well it works.

Just Why Is No No Hair Removal So Special?

The No No looks like an oversized cel phone, yet it's supposed to be able to painlessly remove hair for months at a time.  My initial thought when I heard about it was, "this sounds like shaving with heat," and also, "this totally sounds bogus."  If I had just seen it on an informercial or something, I wouldn't have bought it, but it won Best Product of the Year and the Best Product of the Year Awards USA®, which is voted on by regular people who have actually used the products.  Not only that, the claims even have scientific and medical backing in a study published in the Journal of Drugs and Dermatology!

No No Hair Removal is not simply an improvement on other methods, it is a revolutionary new form of technology that I can honestly say provides better results than other hair removal treatments I have tried – and I have tried them all! Not only is it quick, easy and painless, it gives you hair free legs for an astonishingly long time. If that wasn't enough, it took me just 6 weeks to remove nearly 80% of my body hair (I treated my legs, arms and bikini line…) and that was just using the No No for 20 minutes a day, 3 times a week! Some other people have reported seeing results of up to 94% reduction in hair growth, with the hair that does return being finer and less noticeable than before. Honestly, I was pretty happy with 80% but I know that as I continue to treat myself the result are only going to get better.


You guys are in for a treat! I've just got word that the makers of the No No have just re-opened their famous free trial offer which was so popular back in summer 2013. This is a tie-in with their special Spring Promotion and is an amazing offer as it allows you to try the No No for 60 days completely risk free.

Unfortunately, this offer will only be open until the beginning of April so Radiancy can guarantee all deliveries are met before stocks run out . They have announced they will be pulling the promotion at midnight PST on Friday 27th May 2016. So if you are reading this and there is still time, make sure you take advantage of opportunity while you still have the chance.

To claim your 60 day risk free trial, all you need to do is go to the Official No No Hair Removal Website. If the site doesn't load you may have to try it again later. Lots of people are going to be jumping on this opportunity and this may slow down the website. Just be paitence and try again later.

The No No Gives You Long Term Hair Removal

This is probably the best selling point of the No No and why I am recommending it so strongly. The effect that the device will have differs from woman to woman – some users that I know say they are hair-free for 50 days, other say it lasts as much as 14 weeks – personally, I find that I need to use the No No again after around the 10 week mark. This long term result is due to the penetrating effect of the heat that tackles the follicles rather than just the hair outside the skin. This means complete hair removal so we can be free from our worst nightmare – stubble. Above all it can guarantee gorgeous looking legs and bikini lines whenever you want to go out and enjoy some sun, without the hassle of a quick touch up with a razor.

One thing I think is pretty important when we're talking about the No No is the cumulative effect of the treatments.  When I first took a look at the recommended schedule, I thought, this can't be right!  I thought it was supposed to take less time than shaving!  It absolutely does, in the long run, but because of the way the light affects your hair, you'll have to use it pretty regularly at first.  Trust me: a few months after you start treatment, when your hair is barely coming back in after weeks, you'll know it was worth it.

No No Hair Removal Is Super Quick & Absolutely Painless!

No doubt you have read in other No No hair removal reviews that the device is completely painless, and like me you are a little skeptical given your previous experiences. Pretty much every beauty treatment I've tried just comes with some cost – razors cut, lasers burn and wax and epilators can be excruciating.  Surely, there must be some pain to the No No right? Amazingly there isn't, the reviews are true! Because the No No uses thermal technology to burn away the hair, all you will feel is a little bit of heat and no ill effect on the skin.

I used the No No on my legs as a trial first, and when I first saw the way the No No removed hair painlessly from the top of the skin, I thought it was a novel trick, but I was pretty skeptical the effects were going to be long term.  I imagined a hot wire, behind a couple buffers to keep it away from the skin, burning away the hair, and nothing more.  As I found out, Thermicon is so, so much more than that.

Thermicon technology is actually able to send the heat it's using to remove your hair at the surface deep down into the hair follicle.  It actually causes a disturbance at a mollecular level, which I couldn't really explain even if I was positive you'd understand, but the end result is that the hair follicles end up "confused" and unable to grow the hair back at nearly the same rate.  I first noticed it was definitely coming back in thinner, and more slowly, and eventually it nearly ceased to grow at all!

Given the success of my initial treatments on my legs, I decided to try the No No on more sensitive areas, like my face, bikini line and under my arms.  I'm happy to report that not only is the product painless enough to use on these areas, it gives the same great results in terms of hair removal.

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Friday 27th May 2016 11.59 pm PST


Using The No No Is As Easy As 123…

The No No is one of the most straightforward, easy to use treatments that I have ever come across. Not only does the Thermicon technology mean a quick and pain free method, the method of application is made easy thanks to the device's compact, simplistic design that allows you to glide the tip over your body and apply the heat to any area. Having the power and innovation of the best in hair removal technology in your bathroom is a preferable option to clinical treatments, but this hand-held device makes this even more advantageous. If this wasn't enough, the No No comes with an introductory DVD, which I found takes away the concerns of the initial experience and shows you the best method of use.

If you've seen or read about some of the products competing with the No No (specifically, I'm talking about the Silk'n SensEpil and the Tria Laser Hair Removal), you'll know that of the 3 different units, the No No is the most compact.  Now, when we're talking about treating large areas like your legs, this is less of a big deal, but for any smaller areas, a smaller device is simply much easier to use.  Imagine trying to use the SensEpil's massive Home Pulse Light on your face!

It's also good to know that among the three products I've mentioned, it's the only one whose manufacturer fully stands behind using it on your face.  The Tria is probably alright to use on your face, though it's not officially recommended, and the Silk'n you're officially only supposed to use below the cheek line.  It might be because of the slightly different nature of the technology, but this is a real blessing for some of us.

So…How Much Does No No Hair Removal Cost?

This is the crucial question. How much does this product cost? I won't lie to you, it isn't  dollar-store cheap, but it is worth the money and is the most cost effective method when you consider the ongoing costs of other treatments and laser removal sessions. The No No retails at $269.85, however it can be bought as part of a 3 month payment plan of just $89 a month plus at the time of writing, for the next month No No are offering a 60 Day RISK FREE trial of the product. This offer is part of Radiancy's Spring Promotion and is only available until the end of [smartdate pattern=’-7 hours’ format=’l, d F Y’] PST so make sure you take advantage of this great opportunity while it's still around.

This trial offer takes all the risk out of the purchase since in the unlikely event you aren't happy with the device, you can simply return it no questions asked for a full refund and No No will even pay the return shipping!

If like most people, you do decide to keep it once you've made the payment for the device itself, all you have to worry about is replacement tips, but these are relatively inexpensive at $30 for three.

I know a lot of people are, like myself, kind of reeling finanically from the recession, and spending this kind of money on hair removal seems like it might be a little bit extravagant.  Believe me, I had to ask myself over and over, Do I really have this kind of money to spend on something like this?  I found it really helps to break down the real costs of shaving.  If you do that, there's no question about the No No's value.

Think of it like this: how often do you shave?  How long does it take?  What is your time worth?  In the long run, how much are you going to spend on shaving creams and razors?  Most of us are willing to pay extra for convenience, but the No No gives you convenience at a price that is ultimately lower than the alternative!

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Friday 27th May 2016 11.59 pm PST


Does The No No Come With Any Downsides?

Unlike some of the other No No hair removal reviews that you may have read, I am going to go into detail about the negative side to the product so that you can make a fully informed decision. While the No No is a fantastic device, it is not the completely perfect route to permanent hair removal that some would have you believe.  I can't stress this enough, because some people seem to ignore this fact and then post poor reviews of the product.  It's not permanent, it's just as close as you're going to get without lasers.

Time may also be an issue at first for some in that it is not the quick fix that shaving is.  You do need to find the time to perform the treatment properly, but it is worth the effort for the results.  My advice is just to stick it out in beginning when you think it's taking too much time.  You'll quickly notice less and less hair growing back.

Other downsides and issues to be aware of are the smell and the areas of use. It is not officially recommended that we use the No No on more sensitive areas like breasts and genitals, and at first you will notice a smell that is slightly unpleasant because of the burning, however I found I got used to it pretty quickly, and it can easily be masked.  (I love burning candles, anyway.)

Honestly, I think most people would have a really hard time complaining about this miracle of modern science.  Compared to the drawbacks of other methods of long-term hair removal, this is a walk in the park.

My Overall Recommendation And Conclusion

Hopefully my experience with the No No will be you with one of the more useful No No hair removal reviews that you have read. In short, my personal experience of the No No is that it gave me long lasting hair removal and that it is a top-notch home hair removal device.  It was so easy to use, with none of the usual negative effects. I found myself past the 60 day mark and still waiting for any significant hair re-growth, so there was no way I was going to ask for my money back. Above all, it has given me more body confidence than I ever had when I was shaving. If you're after an easy to use, painless and long lasting home hair removal solution I recommend you give the No No a try RISK FREE for 60 days. You won't be disappointed.

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Friday 27th May 2016 11.59 pm PST


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